Praise for Writing for Bliss:

“Poet and memoirist Raab (Lust) credits her lifelong love of writing and its therapeutic effects with inspiring her to write this thoughtful and detailed primer that targets pretty much anyone interested in writing a memoir. Most compelling here is Raab’s willingness to share her intimate stories (e.g., the loss of a relative, ongoing struggles with cancer, a difficult relationship with her mother). Her revelations are encouraging to writers who feel they need “permission to take… a voyage of self-discovery.” The book’s seven-step plan includes plenty of guidance, including on learning to “read like a writer,” and on addressing readers as if “seated across the table.” Raab covers big topics such as the “art and power of storytelling” and small details such as choosing pens and notebooks that you enjoy using. She also helps readers with the important step of “finding your form.””


“Writing for Bliss is about the profound ways in which we may be transformed in and through the act of writing. I am grateful to Diana Raab for sharing it, and I trust that you will feel the same as you read on. May you savor the journey.”

~from the foreword by MARK FREEMAN, PhD

“We all need to know the truth and what is stored within us rather than become numb or distracted. By listening to ourselves and what we are saying and feeling the true story of our life’s past experience is revealed. Diana Raab’s book gives us the insights by which we can achieve this through her life coaching wisdom and our writing. Research reveals that if you do not bring forth the emotional wounds stored within you they will present your body with a painful bill.”

~BERNIE SIEGEL, MD, author of The Art of Healing and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul

Writing for Bliss brims with the truths of Raab’s life, as well as that of other established and beloved authors and philosophers. Writing for Bliss is far more than a “how-to-manual,” it enlightens the creative process with wisdom and a delightful sense of adventure. Bravo to Bliss!”

~LINDA GRAY SEXTON, author of Searching for Mercy Street: My Journey Back to My Mother, Anne Sexton and
Bespotted: My Family’s Love Affair With Thirty-Eight Dalmations

Writing for Bliss is a wonderfully warm, generous and inspiring book on the transformative powers of writing in our daily lives. Only a talented writer who has fought hard to overcome life’s many obstacles could take her readers by the hand and lead them through the writing process with such enormous compassion, amazing insight, and kindness. Diana Raab is a powerful, wise, intelligent guide well worth our following.”

~JAMES BROWN, author of The Los Angeles Diaries and The River

“In Writing for Bliss, Diana Raab reminds us to begin every page with an open mind, a curious heart, and fresh eyes. The prompts are thoughtful, stimulating, and a valuable resource for any writer’s mental health and spiritual growth.”

~ DINTY W. MOORE, author of The Mindful Writer

“Engrossing techniques for reflective writing and self-expression, with the aim of bringing about growth and personal transformation through telling your own life story. Suitable for both experienced and emerging writers, students and academics.”


“Diana Raab describes my writing process to the tee. She nails it. All that we write is us, the universal experience of life comes from the specific details we explore in our own lives. The disturbances we observe and the sense we make of things become the stories we tell, which, in turn, become the catharsis we need to live from one day to the next. I cannot write fiction without dredging the depth of my psyche, or else the writing isn’t true. WRITING FOR BLISS validates my experience as an author. Whether you’re a beginning writer or an established veteran, I encourage you to read it, study it, devour it. You won’t be disappointed.”

~STEPHEN A. SCHWARTZ, L.A. Times bestselling author of Boulevard and Beat

“Uniquely blending inspiring insights with practical advice, Diana guides you on a path to discover the story that is truly inside you and yearning to be told.”

~PATRICK SWEENEY, coauthor of the New York Times Bestseller Succeed on Your Own Terms

Writing for Bliss brings to an aspiring author everything necessary to accomplish an end product–a book. Raab’s detailed instruction brings awareness of her journey through journaling in childhood to completing published books. She shares with her readers a look into her “warrior-self” and how to use prompts to write from an inner point of view, the transpersonal-self. I found many of her ideas to be my own, such as when I wrote tow books after both my son and husband passed away. I also became a “warrior-writer” and felt the strange urge to follow my writing bliss. I can recommend Writing for Bliss to anyone wishing guidance as they journey into writing poetry, journal entries, or to tackle a book!”
~BARBARA SINOR, PhD, author of seven books Finding Destiny and The Pact: Messages from the Other Side

“Diana Raab keeps simple and yet profound in this persuasive book about why and how writing can heal us and lead to transformation in our lives. For anyone who has ever wanted to write a story, poem, memoir, or create a blog, journal or spiritual writing practice, Raab gives you powerful tools to untie your knots, open your heart, and find more happiness. This wonderful book is for everyone, beginning and seasoned writers alike will be inspired to write with more authenticity, joy, and truth.”

~JULE GORMAN, PhD, author of 10 Sacred Questions for Every Woman and 10 Sacred Questions for Every Mother

September 2017

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