Writing Tools

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The worksheets below are excerpted from the The Companion Journal to my award-winning book Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life. I’ve been journaling since the age of ten, when my mother gave me a journal to help me cope with the death of my grandmother. From that day forward, I’ve made journaling a part of my daily practice. Writing helps me identify my priorities and life’s essential questions. It’s a way for me to learn who I am—and who I am yet to become. I firmly believe in the power of writing to heal and transform. I invite you join me in journaling. It is my hope these pages will inspire you to begin.
Writing for Bliss and its Companion Journal are available on Amazon, and wherever you buy books.

Childhood Memories

Write about a vivid childhood experience, either joyful or painful (or both)


Starting a poem with feelings and objects.


Write a poem beginning with
“I do not know.”

Set Your Intentions

Write: “My intention for today is…”

Letter Writing

Write a heartfelt love letter to a special person in your life, here or departed.

Eccentric Family Members

Write about a colorful family member.