“Feeling, confused, stuck, or just uninspired? Take a workshop with the warm and wonderful Diana Raab. A poet/memoirist who has an advanced degree in Psychology, Diana knows just how to create an atmosphere of safety for creatives that is also a space for curiosity, sharing, and experimentation. An uplifting experience!”

~ Stephanie Barbé Hammer, Ph.D. Author of City Slicker and Journey to Merveilleux City

“Diana provides professional insight into the world of writing and does so with warmth and compassion. Her supportive nature and encouragement ignited a renewed motivation within me that I began writing my memoir the very next day.”

~ Valerie Zepeda

“Diana Raab is not only a great teacher and supporter of new writers…she makes the whole experience fun.”

~ Dr. George Rosch

“Humble, knowledgeable, teaches and speaks from her heart, transfers knowledge in a style and in a way that makes it easy to learn from her. A true gem of a human, funny, fun, and happy.”

~ Jack Herschorn, Managing Director The Sacred Space

“Diana is a soul sister, a divine teacher, listener, educator and playmate. I adore this woman!”

~ Rose Herschorn

“Diana Raab knows how to inspire and stimulate through a skilled use of writing prompts, incisive comments that encourage rather than critique, and a profound kindness that calls forth the poetic heart. I have experienced her work both as a collaborator at the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary where we jointly teach embodied writing for health, and as a participant of one of her workshops where I found myself writing a journal entry that proved crucial for one of my intimate relationships.”

~ Robert Bosnak, PsyA, Jungian psychoanalyst, Founding Director of Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary

“Diana has the skill and sensibility to prompt people to write in a safe environment. People may share or not, thus no one feels pressured to offer more than they wish. Diana listens with a keen ear and finds what is true in the writings, and she speaks to that. She also knows how to encourages people to venture deeper. The choice is yours, the wise guidance is hers. She’s a natural teacher.”

~ Katherine Holden

“I took Diana’s workshop, “The Writer’s Notebook,” at Hugo House in Seattle. She was very inspiring and kind and created a safe place for all of us.”

~ Dihann Braseth

“I have been privileged to have participated in a Santa Barbara Writers’ Conference workshop on memoir writing facilitated by Diana Raab. Diana created a warm, supportive environment that facilitated feelings of safety and openness to share and explore our writings with one another in the group and as individuals, to hear and take in Diana’s constructive and very valuable feedback. Her observations were inspirational and incredibly helpful in the project I was working on. She has a way of connecting a person to the embodied creative fire within, to Eros. I highly recommend her workshops and for a special experience, treat yourself to some of her poetry. You will want more.”

~ Hendrika de Vries, MFT.

“I experienced Diana as a gracious, fun loving, clever, and vibrant woman filled with creative energy and experiences that you generously and willingly shared with all those present. I loved her clarity with all that goes into a memoir. Her suggestions and guidance were extremely valuable. I left with the knowing that I am not only ready to write my memoir, but capable and loaded with ideas and direction! She is a wonderful mentor.”

~ Candace Wheeler

“Diana has an inviting and sincere demeanor. Before a word was spoken, her presence floated into the class. She welcomes everyone with an open spirit; sprinkling the process of writing with positivity.”

~ Randi Rabin, MA, MFT