Praise for Healing with Words:

“Diana is a woman who knows what it is to live fully in the face of mortality. She will add value to the life of every person who reads this book. That she includes the creative impulse to write and the solace offered by contemplating the beautiful as a vital part of human existence resonates at a spiritual level for me.”

~ Sena Jeter Naslund, author of Ahab’s Wife and Abundance, a Novel of Marie Antoinette

“One woman’s story, beautifully told and inspiring to those for whom journaling will ease a breast cancer diagnosis.”

~ Barbara Delinsky, New York Times bestselling author of Uplift: Secrets From the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors

“Diana Raab’s compelling and inspirational book is a must-read for any woman diagnosed with breast cancer. She expertly tells her story and captures the reader with her feelings, frustrations and fears that overwhelm.“

~ Julie Davey, author of Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing

“Diana Raab has shared her breast cancer journey with an honesty that is truly compelling . . . a book to turn to time and time again for comfort and guidance. I highly recommend it!”

~ Beverlye Hyman Fead, Legislative Ambassador and Hero for Hope for The American Cancer Society and author of I Can Do This

“Healing With Words is a riveting memoir which follows the author’s journey through two cancer discoveries in eight years. The book’s structure allows the reader to find her own words to write beside Diana’s enlightening story which enlists it as a personal journal. Her poetic flavor of writing stretched my writer’s mind and urged me to post my own note to my computer screen which was gleaned from this book: “When it hurts–write harder.”

~ Barbara Sinor, Ph.D.

“Expression is a powerful healing tool. . . this book is a reflection of Diana M. Raab as she faced down two cancers and through her writing, found her power to keep her spirit up and keep up the fight. Through her own determination, she hopes to inspire others to rise up and embrace the same, and gives many important tips, such as the invaluable aspect of early detection. It is a poignant and powerful piece, very highly recommended.

~Midwest Book Review

“Diana Raab is an exceptional writer. The narrative itself is slim, personal, and accessible, written in a very expository style. She catalogs the various steps in her journey – mammogram, diagnosis, needle biopsy, surgical biopsy, surgery, recovery. This the book will be most useful for fellow women diagnosed with DCIS. While the writing is always clear, it is in her poetry that Raab seeks to explore the deeper ramifications and interpretations of her cancer experience.”

~ Dennis Pyritz, Being Cancer Network

“As a cancer survivor, this book touched parts of my soul I thought I’d forgotten about. Ms. Raab did a phenomenal job at writing a memoir while including the reader in her journey. Beautiful job and beautiful words. Thank you, Ms. Raab–you’ll help many.”

~ Chynna T. Laird author of Lily Wolf Words

“This is a thoughtful book that will touch the hearts of women and those who love us.”

~ Theresa Fraser, MA

“This book is a Godsend for women diagnosed as having breast cancer. Diana Raab is a brave lady, who has fought cancer twice and won . . . The book promotes “writing” as a wellbeing therapy or writing to assist healing . . . informative, inspirational, uplifting. Two words sum up this book; survival and courage. The book emphasizes the importance of early breast cancer detection . . . I began to appreciate just how breast cancer produces a roller coaster of emotions . . . I can see how therapeutic writing could help. This is a good book with a positive self help message.”

~ Paul Kendall

“. . . Diana takes the reader by the hand through her breast cancer experience from initial diagnosis through treatment and recovery in her memoir. I highly recommend this book for patients, families of patients, caregivers and healthcare workers . . . It will be like having a friend accompany you through the darkness to the light.”

~ Kathleen Pooler

“As a cancer survivor myself and someone who has lost a family member to the disease I know how scary and devastating things can get. Diana takes us through this journey with courage, grace, and love to the other side. The book is also replete with writing prompts and coaching to help you confront your own personal issues with words, perchance to heal.”

~ Victor R. Volkman

“While researching breast cancer treatment options Diana “didn’t want the cold hard facts [she] found online, but warm compassionate, and real information from other women, women who had been through the same scenario.” The title of this book is in your face. No mincing of words, no euphemism . . . She addresses the person who is going through a similar ordeal, who is on the same kind of journey . . .  She teaches by example what honest writing is all about. She dares to show herself on the page . . . 

“Every deeper energy of my psyche delights in the messages of bravery, hope and sadness in Diana Raab’s inspiring book…brims with life and wonderful words. I loved the questions asked along the way and since I have not suffered from cancer,

”Healing with Words” is a memoir of a woman’s battle with cancer and her struggle to understand and heal her life afterwards . . . Raab comes to use her journaling as a way of healing and validation. The book includes several personal journal entries as well as poems that have been written by the author and she has included writing prompts for readers to journal about their own cancer stories. Raab’s memoir is very accessible to the reader . . .

“This book was amazing! I do not have breast cancer but I am very happy I read this book. Raab’s words and poems are an inspiration. If you or someone you know is suffering from cancer this book will teach you to journal your thought and feelings. The book is a great tool and a real life encounter with breast cancer. I feel so grateful . . . ”

 ~ Erin E. Hankins,

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