Contributors: Frederick & Steven Barthelme, Kera Bolonik, Margaret Bullitt-Jones, Maud Casey, Anna David, Denise Duhamel, B.H. Fairchild, Ruth Fowler, David Huddle, Perie Longo, Gregory Orr, Victoria Patterson, Molly Peacock, Scott Russell Sanders, Stephen Jay Schwartz, Linda Gray Sexton, Sue William Siverman, Chase Twichell, Rachel Yoder

Praise for Writers on The Edge:

“All addictions, at bottom, are the same; and each of us who battles addiction is different. I dove into Writers On The Edge. When I came up for air, I knew that I was in good company.”

~ Mary Sojourner, author of She Bets Her Life: A True Story of Gambling Addiction

 “An honest, unflinching book about addiction from a tough group of talented writers. These hard-hitters know whereof they speak, and the language in which they speak can be shocking to the

 “Recovery from addiction is, at its core, a deeply personal experience rooted in shared pain and hope among those seeking freedom from their addictive behaviors. Writers On The Edge offers intimate storytelling of such eloquence and insight that readers will be left

“Writers On The Edge is a thoughtful compendium of first-person narratives by writers who have managed to use their despair to create beauty. A must-read for anyone in the recovery field.”

~ Leonard Buschel, Writers in Treatment

 “Creative people have a predisposition to addiction it is often found. Writers on the Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency discusses the struggles many writers have faced as they have been consumed by their addiction, be it the obvious drug and alcohol addictions to the more

 “This book is a must read for everybody, regardless if you have never fought addiction. After reading this book, it’s like somebody took the blindfold off my eyes and showed me what it’s like to be in their shoes, to feel their pain and to be careful, before I ever think I have the right to judge again.”

~ Kimberly’s Thoughts

 “These writers on the edge write to give others a sense of hope that they’ve been there and back and so can you – they are a true inspiration for any writer afflicted by addiction, obsession, abuse, or mental disabilities. If they can make it, so can you.”

~ Vicki M. Taylor

 “This book touched my soul. The individual stories provided insight into a world of struggle & pain. I have close relatives struggling with addiction and I was able to understand the strong hold that drugs & alcohol have on them. Thank you to the brave authors for sharing their stories.”

~ M.S. Bear

 “The essays in this anthology are written by accomplished writers who deliver illuminating experiences with addiction, mental illness, suicide and other obsessive, self-destructive behaviors. Each entry depicts the painful, often harrowing, consequences of addictive behaviors. Most of the selections are essays, but also included are moving, often heartbreaking, poems by Molly Peacock and John Amen among others. Some of the pieces take an outsiders perspective and bear witness to other people’s addictions. Other essays jump head-first into the mire of personal addictive behavior.

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