What is it about you…

That makes me want to strip off my clothes
and share the scars revealing battles
and stories of my life?
What is it about you that creates electrical sparks
around me and shivers up and down my body?

What is it about you that makes me feel
so wonderfully young, alive and sensual?
What is it about you that wants me to want you
more than I’ve ever wanted anyone before?
What is it about you that elicits all this in me?

What is it about your electrical kiss
that melts each cell in my body
as I surrender to who I’ve become with you
while the seekers keep looking
for the magic I have here?

I cannot thank you enough
for letting me be—
free of judgments,
free of game playing and name calling,
free from all those daily tears at our nerves.

You are all that shines bright and all that illuminates
like warmth on a cold winter night,
as you arrive from moonlit waves which engulf you,
and the darkness which embraces you,
while you place your gentle mind on tonight’s pillow.

I am one with you, in each of our fantasies and realities,
but still continue to wonder, what is it about you?


The Anais Nin Literary Journal. Volume 13(131), 2016.